“The Barber”

The day was July 10th 1890. Wyoming was admitted as the 44th state to the US, but “The barber” was born that same day. His name was Gus Lee. His father was a cowboy and the mother was a prostitute. After he was born the mother settled down in a little town. The father went off to help capture Indians one day and never returned. Gus grew up in a difficult household different men every night yelling and cursing at his mother. By the age of 12 he knew out to write, read, and speak properly; thanks to his mother. Unfortunately, when Gus was 15  his mother died in her sleep. Some say she was poisoned by an angry cowboy, others say she died of a disease.

After that night Gus decided he wanted to be a barber, because his mother always said “no one likes someone with bad hair”. So, he wanted to help the town come together as a whole, with hair. After being an barber for 15 years Gus Lee had learned just about everything about everybody in his town. He knew who was cheating on who, who has going to die, and who would live. He enjoyed his job because he didn’t have any surprises in his life (like he did when his mother died). He liked knowing everything about everyone. He never told any ones business to another sole. The people trusted him, but little did he know he was the most wanted man in town because of what he knew…..


Dear 30 year old self

So in 10 years you will be 30. Yes, 30. Scary.

I hope by now you have your MBA and have started your dream job with the FBI. I also hope you are married and have the dream house to go with your dream car (350z) you just bought. Of course in 10 years you will need an upgrade, but gotta start somewhere. I hope you are either starting to think about having a child very soon, but if not, or if you already have: good for you! Please keep in touch with all family members because life goes by really fast. And most of all I hope you are happy and if not do something to change your life, don’t wait until there is no more time left. Enjoy life and don’t stress over the little things!



xoxo ~ yourself at 20.

Week 2


So I am still a little confused about what we are suppose to be doing on the google docs….but hopefully after I write this post I will figure out what the heck I am suppose to do with it.

Lets start by saying how much I LOVE the daily creates and the assignment bank! I mean look how cool these are:

Dream Closet

I think the assignment about your dream room is my favorite so far! Who doesn’t want to design their dream closet?!?

This week I was able to personalize my blog, which is still not finished 100% I am still messing around with the themes, color, fonts, and everything else that you can personalize! I just can’t decide on what I like the most, but it has a theme and a color pattern for the time being. I also installed my plug-ins, which was rather easy! I thought it would have been harder than what it actually was.

So, I kinda got ahead of myself in the first week and posted an “about Emily page” so here it is again:

All About Emily

This week has been a lot of fun. I think I enjoyed every assignment! I have learned a lot, and I am very excited to see what next week holds…..I am going to get a head start since I am trapped inside my house!! #goawaysnow

Dream Closet

Um Hello! How cool is this assignment?!?! Who wouldn’t want to show off their dream room…Well for me my dream room would be this closet. dream closet

First off all lets talk about these stairs! I LOVE THEM. How cool would it be to have a closet underneath your master suite! Only you can access it and no unwanted guest from the basement either!

Also, look at the amount of shoe/hanging space you have! I would have a field day organizing all of my shoes

This room has the perfect color: Cream and white. The perfect combination for a high end closet!

If only I could have this….I am going to keep dreaming!

Week 1

Hello all,

WE MADE IT! So happy that week 1 of this course is over. I have learned A LOT in the past 5 days. From how to set up my own domain, writing blogs, setting up social media accounts I didn’t know existed, and what a western really is.

Blogging: Much easier than I thought it would be. I was scared I wouldn’t know what to write about, but this is pretty easy. Listed below are some of the blogs I have done this past week.

All About Emily

Western? Like the saddle? Boo.

Western theme: To be totally honest I am not a fan of old time time movies, I was tortured to watch them as a child at my aunts and grandma’s house. So when I heard that this was the theme I was rather upset, but my view on westerns have changed a lot over this week. I have now come to the realization that westerns can be exciting and anything that you make them out to be. (Picture below)

It is what you make of it


I found it very odd that I could copy and paste a Youtube video and it would show up on my blog, but I could not do the same for a picture off of Google. I had to actually link it manually (which is fine; just annoying).

I enjoyed reading everyone’s first week blogs and getting to know people inside UMW and also outside the community. Blogging is probably going to be my new favorite.

I am a little nervous to see what type of work the future weeks hold. I am not tech savvy in anyway, shape, or form. But I am thankful to have a large number of people who are willing to help!

On to week 2!



Western? Like the saddle? Boo.

Okay, so first of all growing up I rode horses ( and still do when I get a chance) competitively and I was a “hunter” rider. This video below shows what we do.

So, naturally when I think of “Western” I think of a western saddle and I still cringe when I hear the word. Not that there is anything against Western riders (believe me they do a lot of crazy, but cool things I would never try ex: barrel racing).

But since we are talking about western films, radios, books, plays, and all of the above; I think it’s a very interesting genre. The western genre in general means that anything can happen. Someone can get saved, killed, captured, or all three. It’s a very exciting genre because anything can happen and for this course I think anything can and will happen. As long as the work is put in I think the outcome will be grand, but it’s going to be a rocky road considering I don’t know anything about the internet other than Google and Facebook.

I want this course to be interesting and challenging, and so far I have already experienced both, so I can’t wait for the rest of the semester!




Social Media Introductions


Hello DS106 this is where I would rather be right now, but life goes on!

Twitter ~ Check!

SoundCloud~ Check! Can’t wait for CMA Fest 2016!

Lets be honest, who doesn’t love Queen B and surprise wedding dances!

Okay I think I have done everything needed for this introduction to the social media accounts, God help me through this online world!



All About Emily

Hello DS106!

My name is Emily Toney. I am from Spotsylvania, Virginia and commute to my classes that are on campus. I also work for The American Bully Kennel Club (http://theabkcdogs.org/) ! We are a global company that provides registration and show services for Bully breeds. I am currently a Junior at UMW, I transferred in so the credits are kinda messed up, but it happens. I am a business major who wants to eventually work for the FBI. Fingers crossed! This course seems really challenging, but exciting! I can take what I learn from the course and maybe do some updates to the company website! Look forward to meeting all of you…