Week 8!

I am SO happy all the radio show work was due last week and all we had to do this week was assemble it! ┬áThis week has been a week from hell for me. I honestly didn’t even have time to think about my classes. Between work and in and out of the doctor office. But, I really want to thank my group member, Michael, for stepping up and assembling the show as a whole. He will be in one post it later today.


Overall I really enjoyed this task. It was a lot of fun. Now I kinda understand the time and effort it takes to be a radio show host. They do A LOT. From the planning of songs, to the commercial times, and more. Props to them! Again, audio is not my favorite element in this course I would rather be designing a cool poster or something, but this task really helped me understand why audio is so important for basically everything!


I really enjoyed looking at all of the classes project and hearing their shows! Commenting this week was super easy because everything was so great!

Below is the progress for week 2 and a DC!~~~~



Radio Show Week 2



On to week 9!

Week 7

This week had its ups and downs. I really enjoyed starting our radio show! Personally the audio section is my least favorite so far. I hate the way I sound on a recorder so this week has not helped. But, I did learn how to do a lot more with sound cloud than I originally knew. I really liked the fact that our radio commercial counted as star on our assignment bank work! Because I barley found any of those assignments interesting, but that’s just me. Below is my work for this week:

Radio show contents

Here you can read up on what is in our radio show and my contribution so far!

Radio Show Progress

This blog post is about our radio show and how we are working together via online!

Make ‘Em Laugh

This was an assignment out of the audio bank. I really enjoyed reading all the Spanish jokes and telling this one!


Sound Effects

This was another assignment out of the bank. I love horror movies so this is right up my ally!

Radio Commercial

Here is my commercial!

Here are my DC’s!


I have also been reading and commenting on a lot for work this week. Everyone seems to really be enjoying the class! I know I am!

I hope everyone has a safe an wonderful spring break…..see y’all in a week!




Weekly Summary

This week was a lot of fun! Besides my bad week last week. I really enjoyed learning more about design and how it is EVERYWHERE. Here are a few assignments completed this week:


The Vignelli Canon

Customize A Pair of shoes ~



Sam Bass ~ Wanted



My favorite thing about this week were the assignments to complete in the assignment bank for design. There were so many options, but the interlocking of the two brand logos was my favorite! I enjoyed reading about design, it made me understand design more and take a longer look at everything around me. Overall a good week~


Now on to the next!



Week 4

Hello and Goodbye week 4!

This week flew by…but partly because I waited until the last min to do everything! BAD IDEA. I really enjoyed learning about pictures and how to take correct pictures


I also liked watching one of the assigned movies:

Movies are better in color

But I really enjoyed all the visual assignments this week here are a few….

Too many faces

Who wouldn’t want to be a McGraw?



Overall it was a very informative week learning about pictures and how to produce and even edit them! I am excited to see what next week holds!


Week 3

Busy, buy, busy.

In both school and real life. Thankfully no more snow!

This week was a lot of fun and I am SO thankful I learned how to make my blog site look 100X better! I love all of the organization. My favorite task this week was learning how to manage our blog, but I also enjoyed writing my 30 year old self a letter. It was really hard to think of what to say to myself, but I think in 10 years I will appreciate this letter.

Dear 30 year old self

I really also enjoyed making my own western character, Gus Lee. Imaging life back then was really hard, so I kinda just made up his story as I went along, but I think it turned out great!

“The Barber”

The reading/listening we had to do this week were really interesting. I think I liked listening to GunSmoke more than reading the short story.

OH AND I AM SO MADE AT MYSELF. I thought when I first read this weeks task list it said “2” Daily creates, but no it said “3”. Which I am upset I missed an opportunity to do one because they are so cool!

Over all this week was a lot of work and fun! I also made myself comment on some others work (which is hard for me to do, because I never know what to say!)

On to week 4~