Western Design

When I think of a western cowboys, guns, black and white, horses, and scary music comes to my mind. Typically people have their mind set when they think about westerns, I know I did…..But, after reading Vignellis’ article westerns typically use the colors of red, blue, and yellows. The primary colors…..if black and white isn’t being used. I saw a lot of red and yellow when looking at the art work, but I still noticed a lot of black and white movies, which is normal for the western theme.

I really didn’t think about the typography of the art work or even phrases in movies, until after reading the article. The typography is simple, bold and thick lines. Most f them have some type of swirl or “look” to them that you can clearly tell it’s a western theme.

I think Vignelli is correct that most western designs follow the same structure. Clearly you can tell it’s a western by the colors, or typography. Which I think these two items alone classify westerns. When you see a black and white movie and a bold, thick, and black title; 9 times out of 10 a western is about to start playing. All of the designs serve as a purpose to the movie or piece of art it is made for.

LV or CC?? Logo combo



So my favorite purse brand is Louis Vuitton. Their designs are timeless on all of their accessories. Their major competitor is Chanel, of course another very high end brand. For this assignment I have found a representation for what Chanels’ logo would look like it LV was monogrammed in it. This image represents, to me that Louis still trumps Chanel because of the running marks coming off of the logo. Two very successful brands placed together isn’t always a bad thing, but competition wise LV still trumps the fashion world with their timeless items….

Customize A Pair of shoes ~

Screenshot (1)

For this assignment I decided to customize a pair of Nike Free Runs 4.0. I picked this shoe because I LOVE them. I have 3 pairs already, but would love to have these I created. First of all I love gray, it goes with anything and everything. I also love the color mint. So putting the 2 together makes the perfect customization shoe for me! Maybe one day I’ll actually order them….




The purpose of this assignment was to great your own logo, nothing describes me more than “Sparkle”. If I had my own clothing line this is what it would be called. “Never let anyone ever dull your sparkle” is a phrase I live by.


Week 4

Hello and Goodbye week 4!

This week flew by…but partly because I waited until the last min to do everything! BAD IDEA. I really enjoyed learning about pictures and how to take correct pictures


I also liked watching one of the assigned movies:

Movies are better in color

But I really enjoyed all the visual assignments this week here are a few….

Too many faces

Who wouldn’t want to be a McGraw?



Overall it was a very informative week learning about pictures and how to produce and even edit them! I am excited to see what next week holds!



Okay so I really don’t understand the concept of this, but to take photos I guess? So I just did a collage of all the items listed below :

photoblitzer 23:19

  • An interesting shadow.
  • Make it green: green sleeves, green with envy, green eggs and ham.
  • Make a landscape photo!
  • Doors can have a lot of character, be it in the hinges, knob, or style.
  • Take a photo that emphasizes the detail of a human hand
  • Sometimes perfection is the enemy. Take a photo that represents a beautiful mess.
  • Take a picture featuring rope or knots.



Movies are better in color

When I watch movies or films I never really paid too much attention to the details on the picture or quality. But, now since this assignment was to do so, I noticed a lot that I did not see before. I choose the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, because it was on Netflix and I had an account already. I have never seen or heard of this film before this assignment. First of all the movie was in black and white, and Lord did it seem SO old! I guess being an older movie it was made this way for a reason and the instrumental music killed me!

Cinematography is the basic idea of who is in charge or showing what and how it is going to be presented.

This film did not go along with what I read in earlier articles. I guess because the articles are for modern times. But, for the time period the movie was made in I think they did a good job with cinematography and the presentation of the film.


I have NO experience with photography, at all. I take pictures of food, scenes, and with my friends. But, I have never actually gotten into the “art” of photography.  There is an “art” or “science” to it, this I do know, but I don’t have enough interest to figure out how or what makes a great photo. After reading the articles I now know that you need to have the right lighting, balance, and equipment to have a great photo be the outcome. Lighting is hard because if you are trying to take a picture or a sunset or sunrise than you can’t really choose the best lighting or position, but you can choose the lens you take the picture with and balance the photo so it is even on both side. Below I have provided a good photo and a bad photo, now I understand more about how to capture the perfect picture! Thanks articles!

Bad photo
Good photo