“The Barber”

The day was July 10th 1890. Wyoming was admitted as the 44th state to the US, but “The barber” was born that same day. His name was Gus Lee. His father was a cowboy and the mother was a prostitute. After he was born the mother settled down in a little town. The father went off to help capture Indians one day and never returned. Gus grew up in a difficult household different men every night yelling and cursing at his mother. By the age of 12 he knew out to write, read, and speak properly; thanks to his mother. Unfortunately, when Gus was 15 ┬áhis mother died in her sleep. Some say she was poisoned by an angry cowboy, others say she died of a disease.

After that night Gus decided he wanted to be a barber, because his mother always said “no one likes someone with bad hair”. So, he wanted to help the town come together as a whole, with hair. After being an barber for 15 years Gus Lee had learned just about everything about everybody in his town. He knew who was cheating on who, who has going to die, and who would live. He enjoyed his job because he didn’t have any surprises in his life (like he did when his mother died). He liked knowing everything about everyone. He never told any ones business to another sole. The people trusted him, but little did he know he was the most wanted man in town because of what he knew…..


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