Week 8!

I am SO happy all the radio show work was due last week and all we had to do this week was assemble it! ┬áThis week has been a week from hell for me. I honestly didn’t even have time to think about my classes. Between work and in and out of the doctor office. But, I really want to thank my group member, Michael, for stepping up and assembling the show as a whole. He will be in one post it later today.


Overall I really enjoyed this task. It was a lot of fun. Now I kinda understand the time and effort it takes to be a radio show host. They do A LOT. From the planning of songs, to the commercial times, and more. Props to them! Again, audio is not my favorite element in this course I would rather be designing a cool poster or something, but this task really helped me understand why audio is so important for basically everything!


I really enjoyed looking at all of the classes project and hearing their shows! Commenting this week was super easy because everything was so great!

Below is the progress for week 2 and a DC!~~~~



Radio Show Week 2



On to week 9!

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